1. Project Objective and Activities

With the objective of improving the daily lives of communities, the project gives priority to the education of disadvantaged children.

Indeed, education being the base of the development of a country, the YBSP Association strives to put on the school bench children in situations of delinquency or those who have dropped out of school.

Through the SoraraIkaye Campaign organized each year:

1° The YBSP Association collects school materials and distributes them to beneficiaries with the aim of helping vulnerable families, in particular children to return to the classroom,

2° The YBSP Association carries out regular monitoring of the children each month based on the school calendar via the School Supervisor team.

2) The importance of doing descents on the ground

Field visits (at school and at home) aim to:

1° Find solutions related to the education of children,

2° Know the children who come to school regularly,

3° Seek information on the state of health of the children,

4° Discuss with the teachers on the conduct and performance of the children,

5° Pay school fees

6° Stay in contact with customers.