Women Empowerment

The Context of the project

The WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Project was initially created to support the EDUCATION FOR ALL project in issues such as food insecurity, lack of educational monitoring of children and family instability, by providing the children’s mothers with the right educational and socio-economic tools. to meet the challenges they encounter in their entrepreneurial journey. This led to the creation of a sub-project “DUTEGURE KAZOZA” (Let’s prepare for the future).

Project Objectives

1° Provide women with good psychosocial and economic, educational tools to meet the challenges in their family lives as well as in their family life,

2° Strengthen the capacity of women to create reliable sources of income and to explore other possibilities for the creation of sustainable income for the development of their families.

Project Activities

The activities of the project revolve around “Educational Training”, based on the following themes:

  1. Literacy,
  2. Sexual reproductive health education,
  3. Education in the rights of women and men in general,
  4. Hygiene,
  5. Entrepreneurship,
  6. Breeding,
  7. Peaceful Conflict Resolution,
  8. Motivation for the purpose of Personal Development.