Beauty, Hygiene and Food Company, Bujumbura Burundi
SAVONOR is the market leader in soap and edible oil in Burundi
FMCG manufacturer in Bujumbura, Bujumbura, BURUNDI
Founded in 2002, LIQUIDS Burundi is tending to be the market leader in bottled water and other refreshing drinks in Burundi
Hon. Pierre-Claver RURAKAMVYE (ABEGA)
Deputy, Bujumbura, BURUNDI
Member of East African Legislative Assembly ( EALA)
Rockstone Kingdom
Record Label, Liège, BELGIUM
Rockston Kingdom is a record company based in Belgium, in Liège, and Burundi, in Bujumbura.
The Globe Jumpers
Travel and Adventure, CANADA
Two best friends 👬 jumping around the world
Kwazzo Collection
Clothing & Fashion, Rock Island, Illinois, USA
Kwazzo is a clothing line that was founded by a young Burundian woman named Justine J. SIBOMANA to empower the next generation with the message/: “being that Sometimes what the world wants you to be is not what it needs, it’s up us ,young people, to break the cycle”.
New Creature Baptist Church
Religious Organization-Non Profit, 1313 sellers st Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124
A group of ordinary people who are on an amazing journey together following Christ